How to Create Your Own Media Server on Mac or iOS With Plex

On the web there are a lot of administrations for arranging your media, however occasionally one springs up that truly goes the additional mile to give a superior affair.

This is the situation with Plex, which enables you to make your own ‘server’ utilizing your Mac or iOS gadget to stream your media to different gadgets associated by means of applications.

Here’s a superior take a gander at Plex and how everything cooperates.


Stage 1: The primary thing you need to do is go to the Install Plex Media Server site on your Mac or other PC that you will use as a server and download the Plex server customer there and on whatever other PC that you’ll get a kick out of the chance to serve media from. Utilize this chance to make a record there too.

Plex Mac Server

Stage 2: Before beginning to stream your media, try to have it prepared in independent envelopes for ideal execution. Plex has a whole segment on its site devoted to how you ought to plan and sort out your media for ideal acknowledgment execution, however other than for association purposes, I saw no other explanation for it.

Obviously, on the off chance that you manage increasingly complex media (like separate documents for films and captions for instance), adhering to Plex’s guidelines is unquestionably prompted.

Stage 3: Once the server customer has been introduced on your Mac and you have your media prepared, get to the server from your Mac’s menu bar and tap on Media Manager to open the web interface.

Plex Media Manager

There you will be incited to add your media envelopes to make Libraries. These are totally ‘editable’ and you can even revive it to stay up with the latest with what is on the envelopes they feed from.

Essential NOTE: Remember that if the PC you serve your media from is underpowered, playback of media, for example, recordings probably won’t be smooth.


A major piece of the intrigue of Plex is to have the capacity to collaborate with your substance from different gadgets. For this, Plex utilizes applications that you can introduce on your iPhone ($1.99) or other cell phone, on your tablets and even on your shrewd TV.

Plex Samsung

The minute you begin an application your gadget (an iPhone for this situation), it will promptly demonstrate every one of the libraries accessible on your system (the ones you set up previously) and their substance.

Plex iPhone Library

From that point, you can right away begin playing your substance on your gadget, which Plex transcodes on the fly for smooth playback.

I attempted a few shows and motion pictures and playback on my iPhone was faultless.

Plex Show Playing

The neighborhood iPhone application additionally gives a sound measure of choices, enabling you to change an assortment of settings, running from the nature of your streams to the extent of the captions when accessible, among numerous others.

Plex Settings 1 Plex Settings 2

Moreover, you can likewise utilize your cell phone as a server, and with the Plex applications that you can introduce on brilliant TVs, you can really stream content from your iPhone to your TV, which opens up a great deal of potential outcomes.

Plex iPhone Server 1 Plex iPhone Server 2

With everything taken into account, I was wonderfully shocked by how well Plex fared for my situation. I don’t care for the way that everything on your PC/server must be done through a program rather than through a local application, however that is a minor hold when contrasted with how well whatever remains of the bundle performs.

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