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Natural Colored Barnstones

Natural Colors and Textures

Natural Looking Texture and Color is Crafted into each BARNSTONE® product.

Whether you’re building a raised garden bed, a freestanding accent wall or a terraced retaining wall structure, our BARNSTONE products work well in any setting where naturally appearing landscapes with stone walls are desired. Manufactured BARNSTONE structures are ideal for both private landscapes and public spaces. Unlike unwieldy and difficult-to-find historic foundation stones, realistic precast concrete BARNSTONE products are readily available in standard sizes with plans for easy stacking configurations.

Our precast materials remove the expense of product waste and minimize wall installation by as much as half the work involved with natural stone. Barnstone Company’s proprietary hollow design lessens the stone’s weight while maintaining durability. This standardized product construction allows easy stacking in multiple variations and takes the guesswork out of constructing a complex wall.

BARNSTONE products are manufactured with a mixture of cement and lightweight sand/gravel. The interiors of the product molds were styled from the actual texture of real foundation stones. Before the wet mixture is poured into the molds, iron oxide color treatments are applied to the mold walls and absorbed into the concrete mixture to create the realistic look of an historic stone. The color and texture of our BARNSTONE products are so similar to natural stone that when installed, it is difficult to distinguish our manufactured product from a 150 year old foundation stone.

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