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BARNSTONE® products are manufactured using a proprietary molding process to produce a virtually indistinguishable replica of our carefully selected natural stone models.

Standard or Custom Color Combinations: 

1. Chocolate/Tan Blend

2. Cutstone/Sandstone Blend

3. Charcoal/Grey Blend

4. Signature 1860™ Blend *Custom Color

  1. Chocolate/Tan Blend
  2. Cutstone/Sandstone Blend
  3. Charcoal/Gray Blend
  4. *Signature 1860™ Blend

*Custom colors are available upon request and maybe subject to an increase in cost.

Available in Three Standard Sizes:

Various Barnstone Sizes

BARNSTONE® products come in three standard sizes.

18″ Five-Sided
Nominal Height= 8″
Nominal Width=16.5″
Nominal Length=18.5″
Approximate Weight= 130 lbs

24″ Five-Sided
Nominal Height= 8″
Nominal Width=19″
Nominal Length=24″
Approximate Weight= 205 lbs

36″ Five-Sided
Nominal Height= 8″
Nominal Width=20″
Nominal Length=36″
Approximate Weight= 315 lbs

Structural Integrity:

Barnstone Company manufacturers its products in a climate controlled environment using a limestone concrete mix. Each stone is produced with the following materials:

  • Concrete mix to ASTM standards
  • Powder pigment for base and face color
  • *Inter-waterproofing agent

*For harsh environmental conditions, a special sealant admix can be requested. This sealant is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. As it cures, the concrete becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquids from any direction. The concrete is also protected from deterioration due to these harsh environmental conditions.

Ease of Installation:

Our BARNSTONE system is specifically designed for easy installation, whether you’re a professional landscaper or handling the job yourself. Each of our BARNSTONE products are designed to be hollow which creates a relatively lightweight material compared to natural stones of this type. This creates a versatile (wall stone and/or stone planter) that install easily using an industrial grade dolly or light machinery.

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