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Foundation stones, often found while reclaiming materials from old barns and farmhouses built in the early 1800’s, have a charm and character that are in high demand, but are not readily available.

Barnstone Company has captured the ingenuity of our early pioneers by reproducing the natural looking character and texture of these traditional hand-hewn stones.  This affordable and practical concrete BARNSTONE landscape material brings together the beauty of the past with today’s innovative precast technology.

Many of the first stones quarried in Western Pennsylvania were long and wide cut pieces of sandstone used as foundations for houses and barns. These quarried stones provided a flat foundation and offered a refined look to the structure.

Cutting the natural foundation stones into shape was time and labor intensive. The old technique used to split the stones into workable sizes required drilling holes in which water would freeze and crack the sandstone.

Today’s lightweight and durable BARNSTONE structures recreate this time honored design for landscape use as retaining walls, backyard steps and raised garden beds.

Locally Crafted BARNSTONE® products are Proudly Made in the USA.

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