• Barnstone-Raised-Garden-Beds-960

    A Durable, Lightweight and Easy to Install Landscape Product

  • BW_Stones-960

    Available in Authentic Colors, Textures and Sizes

Hardscape Material Modeled from Historic Foundation Stones

Barnstone™Co. produces a unique manufactured hardscape material that is modeled on the natural appearance of 150 year old Western Pennsylvanian building foundation stones. Traditional barn stones were used in the 1800’s as structural foundations for barns, stables and family homes. Until now, these charming hand-hewn stones were born only from the labors of a few dedicated Pennsylvania craftsmen.

Today, barn stones are again available for use as a decorative hardscaping product for use in gardens, walkways, patios and much more. Each manufactured Barnstone™ presents its own natural characteristics and is designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to install in efficient stacking patterns. These realistic reproductions provide an inexpensive alternative to hard-to-find traditional cut and aged stones from centuries past.